Making equity a fundamental part of good business!

Our belief is that businesses play an important role in challenging and innovating how society considers access and equity for all people.

Building a more inclusive future

Schoolab San Francisco has worked to engrain diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of our DNA.
We define diversity as numbers and statistics, inclusion as impact and initiatives, and equity as solutions and their outcomes.
With design being a fundamental aspect of our work, we have been working on a methodology that seeks to engrain inclusion and diversity to produce equitable outcomes in innovations.


Equitable Design Lab (EDL)

Our program brings together industry leaders and students, the future changemakers to tackle real-world challenges and create a more inclusive world. Participating companies identify a challenge they are facing to achieve inclusion and equity with their products or services.

Schoolab's Equitable Design Associate on stage presenting Design a Brighter Future

Silicon Valley Impact Camp

Schoolab places positive impact at the heart of its mission. For the past decade, Schoolab has been helping the changemakers of tomorrow work towards responsible innovation by activating their entrepreneurial and collaborative qualities and accelerating their impact projects through equitable design. Our program is accessible to all, whether you have an elaborated entrepreneurial idea or not.

Silicon Valley Impact Camp allows aspiring entrepreneurs to benefit from Schoolab’s rich and diverse ecosystem, meeting fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world, as well as gaining expertise on equity-related issues in order to create the meaningful projects of tomorrow.

Four Schoolab team members exchanging and looking at a laptop together

The realities of inequities are embedded in the cultures, systems, and dynamics of both education and corporate environments. For this reason, it is imperative designers adopt inclusive frameworks as a means of shifting the paradigm and providing better access to innovation and consequently more chances of success for excluded communities. By centering on the importance of equity in the design process, our framework promotes a radically-inclusive innovation model to develop new solutions.

By emphasizing empathy and systemic thinking in the customer discovery process – we seek to collaborate with students, startups, and corporations to build a future where equity and inclusion aren’t just a social good but also great for business. In order to foster this value, we believe in a multi-generational and multi-disciplinary approach.
In 2021 our team has built coalitions with two organizations missioned in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce and business; CEO action and the Bay Area council. By collaborating with these organizations we will work to build our expertise and partnerships in the coming years.

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