Forecasting the future means actively exploring it!

By exercising a scenario-based approach to strategy, we turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Explore possible futures to create impactful business decisions

The questions of possible futures are integral to successful business decisions and transitions in a world of continued uncertainty. We developed a new framework for restoring your teams’ desires and creative strengths with an alternative way of thinking about strategy consulting. We believe in applied imagination, which allows us to explore possible and probable futures in long and short-term visions.


Design Fiction

Rooted in the future but helping to act in the present, the design fiction process results in concrete actions taken to better adjust what companies do and how
they do it.

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Do Tank

Corporate Do-Tank for future planning

Our framework for an active learning by doing experience, to uncover new strategic insights and empower employees with new skills and knowledge to make impact as internal change makers and innovation contributors.

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Through our Design Fiction Methodology, we expand your team’s vision and field of possibilities while cultivating their imagination at the heart of our practice. Dealing with uncertainty can feel overwhelming and confusing at times. However, in encouraging a mindset of curiosity about potential outcomes, we are expanding our field of observation. In contrast to other tools we used in the past, design fiction makes us forget our assumptions about what is more likely to happen so that we can be prepared for whatever will happen in the future.

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Success stories

Explore some of our key projects

Design Fiction framework for Chanel: unveil scenarios about possible future for the luxury industry.

The Schoolab team used its unique Design Fiction framework to unveil scenarios about the future of the luxury industry and the positioning of Chanel

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Smart Cycle: How recycling can be improved using IoT

Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center decided to partner with Deplastify the Planet to bring a fresh perspective to some of their current systems. Students looked to rethink Samsung’s products to tackle the plastic crisis by leveraging IoT.

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Equitable Design Lab: Innovation and Bias, Increasing Access for Diverse Startups

Schoolab's Equitable Design Lab team built an innovation to eliminate the lack of diversity in participation and expose bias in program performance, creating a more inclusive platform for YouNoodle’s customers.

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Deplastify The Planet: Creating a compostable packaging out of waste

Method, a company that manufactures a wide range of sustainable cleaning products, and Whole Foods, the multinational supermarket chain now acquired by Amazon, paired together to find a circular model for Method’s packaging.

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